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          Address: no.2-6, Guangfu West Road, Heshan Town, Tongxiang City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
          Tel: +86-571-88012550
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          Zip code: 314512
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          Vacuum de-ear at or

          By Henry'slaw, in a closed container, the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid is proportional to the partial pressure of the gas in the gas phase in contact with the liquid.When water boils, the partial pressure of steam on the water surface increases, and the partial pressure of a dissolved gas decreases.When the steam on the water surface is saturated, the so lub lity of the gas in water is close to zero.The dissolved gas is then removed from the liquid.The saturation temperature characteristic of water shows that even a warmwater boils under vacuum, and the dissolved gas (mainly oxygen) is removed by utilizing such a characteristic


          Product line-up

          Thevacuumde-aeratorsystemismadeupoftwofunctionalunits:ade-aeratorandajetpump.Thejetpumpcan be chosen between as team jet pump and a waterjet pump.The de-aerator can be designed as either horizontal type (with de aeration tank) or vertical type.Therearetwokindsofvacuumde-aeratordevices:highpostionandlowposition.

          The complete equipment system includes a vacuum de-aerator, a de-aerator tank, filter, a heat exchange, jet pump (steam or water) , a thermostat and an automatic level control cabinet.The type of de-aerator is determined by name,rated water output, type of jet pump, high and low position arrangement, and horizontal position.


          Product features

          High vacuum degree, low water temperature in de-aeration, low consumption of steam(hydraulic injection without steam) and re-use of heat(from exhausts team)

          If as team jet pump is used, the waste heat of steam can be u lized to heat the water being de-aerated.If a water jet pump is used, the jet water can be circulated within the pump, which is economical in water-and energy-saving.

          High volume of air extraction, short pumping duration to vacuum, stable operation and strong adaptability to various conditions.Designatedworkload:40~120%


          Vacuum de-ear at or

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